Clean water in BWT Aqua water vending machines


It tastes just like water from mountain alpine springs

You can start your day with a view of the picturesque mountains’ peaks and a glass of clear transparent water born in the majestic Austrian Alps. Can you imagine? Surely, it’s just a dream! Well, we cannot change the view outside your window. However, we can easily provide you with good quality water thanks to the unique filtration, which makes the taste and mineral composition of our product close to natural alpine waters!

Absolutely clean and healthy water

BWT Aqua is the water enriched with magnesium and calcium, inspired by the taste and properties of alpine spring waters. Thanks to a combination of natural purification methods — filtration, enrichment with healthy minerals and modern membrane technology — you get absolutely clean and healthy water.

Enriched with natural minerals such as magnesium and calcium

BWT Aqua water is high in essential nutrients that people need every day, including magnesium, which helps reduce stress, increase nerve conduction, improve heart function, and calcium, which makes bones, teeth and muscles strong and healthy. In water vending machines, water passes through a balanced blend and gets enriched with natural ionised minerals for easy nutrient absorption by the body.

Modern water purification methods combined with quality materials ensure a stable composition of water dispensed by water vending machines, even if there is a sudden contamination of tap water that feeds the machine.