Paying with a BWT Aqua card is convenient


The card can be used at any BWT Aqua water vending machines.
To order a card, just specify your name and phone number.
When topping up your card online, you will pay UAH 1,50 per litre of clean water.

After ordering the card, you will receive a bonus of 10 liters of water on the card balance, which can be used free of charge for an unlimited period.
Delivery of the card is at the expense of the recipient.
Please note that if the card is replenished with credit funds, the fee may be charged by the intermediary bank.

Information needed for the delivery service

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Call to get a BWT Aqua loyalty card:
099 264 11 22 / 067 264 11 22 / 063 264 11 22

Top up your card online on the website
Top up your BWT Aqua card

How to use the card?