Convenient Tritan bottle for only 99 UAH !
Buy a convenient reusable safe plastic bottle for only 99 UAH !

Please note that if the card is replenished with credit funds, the commission may be charged by the intermediary bank.

What is a bottle?
This is an 11.4 liter (3 gallon) GEO plastic water bottle made of high quality bisphenol A-free plastic (100 % BPA Free) .The diameter of the bottle is 27 cm and its height is 34.9 cm. The width of the neck is 48 mm.

Its main advantages:
  • Strength and quality of workmanship
  • Durability
  • Resistance to odor and taste absorption
  • Convenient handle

How to get a bottle?
Simply fill out the contact form below and pay by bank card. Then the bottle will be sent to the New Post Office at our expense.